Flood Resiliency Blueprint Progress

Flood Resiliency Blueprint Timeline


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 1 Deliverables

Gap Analysis

Statewide inventory and gap analysis of resources and data necessary to develop the Blueprint and action strategies. The Gap Analysis will identify and analyze factors that prevent resources from working together/spatial disconnects. Each factor will be summarized based on best available data and models.

Recommendations and Decision Framework

Report detailing specific recommendations and decision framework to support the Blueprint Program and online decision support tool. The report will include a decision framework that will lead future implementers through the planning process by identifying decision points, actions, and possible outcomes for each stage of the planning process. Recommendations will include data, policy and governance strategies that could be incorporated at the state, regional and community levels to coordinate efforts, affect change and improve the overall flood resiliency planning process.

Draft Neuse Action Strategy

Report including findings and recommendations for improving flood resiliency within the Neuse River Basin. The basin-specific action strategy will identify and evaluate flood risk, consider multiple benefits, and prioritize actions that specifically address stakeholder needs. This will include identification of existing and proposed projects, discussion of lessons learned, data and model standardization, and recommendations for next steps to support implementation.

Draft Blueprint

Procedural and guidance document to support the development of basin specific Flood Resiliency action strategies and other flood resiliency project planning efforts, including the use of online decision support tools. This will be a high-level comprehensive document that establishes how flood resiliency plans will be developed moving forward. It will include the Gap Analysis and Recommendations and Decision Framework reports, and will provide user information for the application of the online decision support tool. It will include an approach to streamline the overall stakeholder, analysis and modeling processes defined to facilitate the development of future scopes of work.